Lucy Norris – Anthropologies of Reuse and Recycling

I am an anthropologist living in Berlin, Germany. This site brings together research material from projects on economies of recycling and reuse, specializing on clothing and textiles. These projects include writing about the wider political economy of worn clothing in a global market, understanding changing cultural perceptions of its value, and researching the social and economic impact of cast-offs on local economies. It is grounded in my research on second-hand clothing economies in India and their links to the UK.

Ethnographic fieldwork on local systems of dealing with used garments in different cultures can offer alternative perspectives on beliefs and values concerning waste and resources, and this can usefully contribute to critical reflections on sustainability strategies and developing concepts of circular economies.

These collaborative projects are presented as galleries of visual material taken during fieldwork; many thanks to Tim Mitchell in particular for generously allowing his images to be used.