Friday 20 – Sunday 22 January, 11 – 6pm

Oxo Tower Wharf, Southbank
London SE1 9PH


Everything Must Go followed the journeys of worn clothing as it is sold for reuse and recycling across the world. This exhibition brought invisible global waste economies into public view, explored the people involved and the impact these businesses have upon their lives, and questioned our ability to control, contain and curtail waste.

Everything Must Go contextualised anthropological research on textile recycling in India and the UK with collaborative projects including Meghna Gupta’s film Unravel and photographs by Tim Mitchell. The exhibition also hosted recycling workshops with Lizzie Harrison of Remade in Leeds and showcased a resurfaced textile created by Kate Goldsworthy.

It marked the culmination of the Waste of The World research project, funded by the ESRC. This investigated global flows of waste, including local waste management, food waste, the second-hand clothing trade, steel and nuclear industries and ship-breaking.

‘Talking Rubbish’ on Saturday 21 January brought together researchers, designers, filmmakers, business entrepreneurs and third sector leaders to engage critically with the issues raised and their implications for the way in which we think about our old clothing. View event flyer

The exhibition was curated by Lucy Norris and Clare Patey. Communication design was by Brighten the Corners and the event was produced by Holy Mountain.

Everything Must Go Press Release

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